about us

Additional Information


we started out as howlingwolf-fm  on June 18 2017 after the Justin the owner of the station was fired from another internet station   

we are a small internet only  radio station we had hopes dreams  of becoming licensed fm station  but our dream was shattered when another  station beat us in getting their  license before we could  because we missed the filing window in 2013 

so we doped  the name howlingwolf- fm in 2016  there is no point in using the word fm when we are not on the fm band  the second reason we changed the name is because whwf is easier to say on the air

where do the call letters come from 

All broadcast call signs in the United States begin with either K or W, with K usually west of the Mississippi River and W usually east of it 

here is how we got or call letters 

W. we are east of the Mississippi River 

H. howling

W. wolf


DB. digital broadcast