we welcome you to submit content to this station here is a list of what you can send  1. local   River valley programming from Rumford Maine, Dixfield Maine, Mexico Maine

2. Prerecorded shows such as DJ-Music shows ,Talk shows, Church shows ,Podcasts  3.syndicated radio shows ,if your a host of a syndicated show and want us to carry your show let us know 

independent artists submissions are  welcomed

if you are an  independent artist or singer  and you want to get your talent noticed worldwide?  Well you came to the right place all you have to do is send us your songs and we will play them on the air. please NO RAP music submissions TY ..  To send us your songs see our contact section below  

you can not send us files through the form below 

but after you make the first contact to us  we will talk and tell you  how to send it in 

content submissions FORM

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